Sam Hyde Once Again Gets Away With It: Blamed For Waukesha Tragedy

Following the tragic Waukesha parade incident in which a red SUV drove through a Christmas parade on Sunday, killing several people and injuring more, people quickly flocked online to find out more information.

As is customary when a tragedy happens, information channels were awash with images, videos and people pretending to have first-hand accounts, some of which pointed to Sam Hyde being the culprit.

While some people were able to pick up on it being fake, there were plenty who fell for the bait of Hyde being the supposed perpetrator. The most notable ones to fall for it were independent journalist Ralph Morris, who had an entire YouTube video up showing Sam Hyde for about 30 minutes before realizing the error and correcting it, and the Italian news media outlet Il Primato Nazionale, who reported it on national television.

Unlike previous times in recent history, this instance seemed to be more effective, and even destructive, as it lead people to believe that a white supremacist-style coverup was in-play because they believed that Hyde was the real driver … while a different person was later arrested. Because of this, backlash and calls for Twitter to stop letting people use Sam Hyde as a meme have begun to grow in number.