Whatever You Do, Don’t Put A Space In The Middle Of The Word ‘Sussex’ In This Sussy Meme Format


The joke spread over the course of 2021 as people created similar memes separating the name and expressing ironic shock over it. On January 3rd, 2021, Instagram user yourlordandsaviormonke posted a map of Sussex captioned “WTF SEX IS SUS,” gaining over 7,500 likes in 11 months (shown below).

WTE Shropshire, Norfolk Herefordshire Warwickshire NNorthamptonshire Suffolk Gloucestershire Essex Hertfordshir Berkshire Greater London Somerest Surrey Devon Maidstone Hampshire SEX IS SUS Dorchester Sussex Isle o Cambridgeshire Viltshire World Map Font Art

On April 18th, Instagram user non_haeretici_coalition posted a map with the caption “sus sex? You mean like Bill Cosby?” referencing the Bill Cosby rape allegations, gaining over 1,500 likes in seven months (shown below).

SUS SEX? YOU MEAN LIKE COSBY? Sussex World Organism Font Map