Aaron Rodgers Is Not Struggling With ‘COVID Toe,’ Despite What He Said On Tuesday

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who recently became the center of the sports media world after he appeared to lie about getting vaccinated against COVID-19, then had to miss games because he contracted COVID, is now dealing with an injury in his toe.

Rodgers told Pat McAfee on Tuesday that he is dealing with “Covid Toe,” which is known medically as pernio or chilblains, a painful affliction that can cause discoloration and lesions in the toe. It is caused by the body producing too much interferon to fight the coronavirus and can make it difficult to wear shoes, such as football cleats. Furthermore, it can be exacerbated by cold weather, which, if Rodgers intends to play through the injury as he’s indicated, is going to get worse in the notoriously frigid Green Bay winter. The Wall Street Journal reported on Rodgers statement.

The news exacerbated Packers fans’ frustration with Rodgers, as not only has the team’s star quarterback had to miss time due to being unvaccinated, he now has to deal with a significant injury throughout the remainder of the season.

Except, Rodgers isn’t actually dealing with “COVID Toe.” That was yet another joke Rodgers told as it speculates about his vaccination status. Instead, Rodgers has a fractured toe. He literally showed it to reporters today.

So, to sum up, Aaron Rodgers does not have the actual condition of “COVID toe,” and just has a fractured toe. Another hilarious week in football.