Dude Slams Movie Content Warning, Receives Entertaining Backlash

Whether you approve of it or not, it’s generally accepted that a lot of us make more effort to be culturally sensitive these days. As we (try to) progress as a society, many have recognized that it’s good to think twice before sharing certain things. 

However, not everybody wants to get the memo — as proved by a recent complaint made by @Fothouzand. Sharing a content warning that had been placed before a TV screening before the 1998 buddy comedy Rush Hour, he claimed that the move was proof that Gen Z were “the weakest generation”. 

Despite his convictions, most people were inclined to disagree with him. Many pointed out that in some ways, people had been far touchier in the past, and others suggested that Millennials had a hand in the changes too. Either way, there’s no denying that having to read a small notice before you watch a movie is not the most devastating indictment of the state of the world today. There’s always the fast forward button.