Twitter Users Baffled Over ‘CaveSpace,’ A Space Where You Act Like A Caveman

By May 2021, Twitter opened up Spaces to a wider audience. On May 3rd, 2021, @TwitterSpaces posted a tweet announcing that Spaces was now available to all accounts with 600 or more followers. The tweet (shown below) received roughly 21,800 likes over the course of six months. On the same day, Twitter published a post to their blog titled, “Spaces is here, let’s chat.” Within it, they outlined the feature and the various ways Twitter users could utilize it.

Spaces @TwitterSpaces ... now, everyone with 600 or more followers can host a Space. based on what we've learned, these accounts are likely to have a good experience hosting because of their existing audience. before bringing the ability to create a Space to everyone, we're focused on a few things. 1:26 PM · May 3, 2021 · Twitter Web App 4,769 Retweets 22.8K Quote Tweets 21.8K Likes Font

On May 7th, 2021, @TwitterSpaces tweeted that Spaces were available for all iOS users. On May 26th, @TwitterSpaces tweeted that Spaces were available on mobile web and desktop web. On June 22nd, @TwitterMedia tweeted they were introducing two new features to Spaces called, “Ticketed Spaces and Super Follows,” which both allowed Twitter users to earn money through hosting Spaces, similar to a Twitch stream.

On October 21st, 2021, @TwitterSpaces announced that Spaces were available to all iOS and Android users regardless of follower count. The tweet (shown below) received roughly 5,300 likes over the course of one month.