The asset of Roman emperors: Where to buy AUREO, the token of the future

With the popularity of metaverse games Aureo, a currency used in the game Age of Cryptology (AOC), is seeing unprecedented growth. Here are the best places to buy it today.  

Top places to buy AUREO now


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What is AUREO?

Aureo was the name of an ancient Roman coin, which had great value in the Roman Empire. It is the main game currency of AOC, a play and earn ecosystem running of BSC, which combines entertainment and thrills with the possibilities offered by blockchain technology. 

Every asset is an NFT in the ecosystem. It makes it possible to prove sole ownership of the asset in question and to have full control over it. You can exchange Aureo, which has real world value, for other cryptocurrencies or dollars, euros, and other fiat currencies.

Should I buy AUREO today?

Aureo has surpassed crypto analysts’ expectations. While it’s doing quite well now – its market cap has grown by 150% in the last 24 hours – it is highly volatile like all cryptocurrencies. Exercise caution when making this investment.  

AUREO price prediction

Price Prediction is very slightly bullish on the coin. They predict 1 Aureo will reach $0.74 in 2024. It’s currently trading for $0.60. The AUR price can reach a maximum level of $0.92 with the average price of $0.77 throughout 2024. 

In 2025, Aureo price is forecast to be at least $1.14. It might go up to $1.33 as an absolute maximum. In 2026, it’s predicted to trade for at least $1.62 and for $2.00 at most.

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