5.01 Representing Data Vocabulary Statistics – a branch of math that views numbers as . It teaches how to use a variety

5.01 Representing Data
Statistics – a branch of math that views numbers as . It teaches how to use a variety of methods to ,andthese numbers to make informed decisions.
Data – thethat give information about a given topic. The study ofis known as .
Statistical Process – a way to , ,anddata.
The Statistical Process
Vocabulary and the Statistical Process
Examples of Statistical Questions:
Types of Data
Categorical Data – falls into separateor .
Quantitative Data – observations are recorded asor .
2 Types of Quantitative Data:
Continuous Data – fall into a range of .
Discrete Data – measurements areand fall into .
Types of Data
Examples of Categorical Data:
Examples of Quantitative Data:
Representing Data: Dot Plots
The number ofover atells how many times that number occurs in the data.
Steps to Create a Dot Plot:
Draw aline using an appropriate range (or category).
Place aover the data value for eachin the data set.
the horizontal line, andthe graph.
Creating a Dot Plot 4:31
Example: Create a dot plot that shows the test scores in Mrs. Smith’s math class.
Representing Data: Histograms
A visual that shows the frequency of intervals of data.
Steps to create a histogram:
the data values into appropriate bin intervals and determine the .
Draw and label a .
Draw and label a .
to a certain height based on the frequency of each bin.
your graph.
Creating Histograms
Example: A volunteer for the running club counted the number of participants at each race. Create a histogram using the data given.
Representing Data: Box Plots
A visual that divides a list of data intosections called . Each quartile hasof the data points in it.
Steps to create a box plot:
Put the numbers in .
Determine the .
Find(also known as lower quartile)
Find(also known as upper quartile)
Draw the box plot and label with the .
Creating a Box Plot
Create five-number summary for the data set:
{14, 3, 2, 8, 6, 22, 15, 10, 16, 18}
Lower quartile (Q1):
Upper quartile (Q3):
Comparing Data Displays
Which graph best shows the median?
Which graph best shows the target age range?
Which graph best shows each individual data value?
Comparing Data Displays

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