5. Why are the monsoons known as seasonal winds? 6. What is a jet stream?

5. Why are the monsoons known as seasonal winds?
6. What is a jet stream? Name the two jet streams. For each, mention when it is active andon the climate of India.7. What is ENSO? How does it affect the monsoons over India?8. Name the two cyclonic systems which bring rain to India? During which season are they activeName the regions receiving rainfall from these systems.How does the subtropical westerly jet stream help in bringing the western disturbances to theIndian subcontinent during winter?What is the intertropical convergence zone? Why does is shift north from the Equator in summer!Write any two features of the cold weather season in India. Give suitable examplesWrite any two features of the hot weather season in India with reference to temperature andpressure conditions. Give suitable examples.What do you understand by the term loo?Name the local winds that bring rain in summer in West Bengal and Kerala. Mention their benefitState three important characteristics of the summer monsoon.Describe the main feature of the advancing monsoon season under the following heads: duratiopressure conditions, branches of the prevailing winds.Name the rainiest and driest parts of India. Why are they so?Differentiate between westerly disturbances and easterly jet stream​

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