9. What is the role of press in a good democratic govt? 10. Why

9. What is the role of press in a good democratic govt?
10. Why Mexico is not considered an example of democracy?11. How can a popular govt be undemocratic? Explain by giving the example of Zimbabwe,Part D: Unit 4: Economics, Themes: 1. The Story of Village Palampur1. How did the spread of electricity help farmers in Palampur ?2. Define Modern Farming? Does modern farming require more inputs which aremanufactured in industry?3. Explain the different ways in which the farmers in Palampur increased production on thesame piece of land4. How did the medium and large farmers of Palampur obtain the capital for farming? Howis it different from the small farmers?5. Savita is a small farmer of Palampur : on what basis did she get loan from the moneylender Tejpalsingh? Would it have been different if the bank had given her loan at a lowrate of interest?6. Explain the different method of transportation for the villagers in Palampur.7. What is Green Revolution? What is the importance of Green Revolution?8. What are the Non-Farm production activities in the Palampur village? Explain.9. Besides farming, how does a non-farming activity play an important role for the villagersof Palampur? Explain.ERTRANAGAR​

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