CHECK S! 1. Which of the following is a likely outcome of an employee not being properly oriented to a

1. Which of the following is a likely outcome of an employee not being properly oriented to a company?
a. The employee declines another job offer.
b. The employee disagrees with the way her boss does things.
c. The employee does not follow the correct procedure for calling in sick.***
d. The employee does not have the right professional license for the job.
2. If you were the training manager at a construction company, with which of the following employees would you most likely use the Job Instruction Training method?
a. a secretary
b. an accountant
c. a construction worker***
d. a lunchroom attendant
3. A successful employee orientation should include which of the following?
a. making an employee feel welcome in the company***
b. detailing the promotion process
c. assigning experienced mentors to new employees
d. performing a background check on a new employee
4. The training and development process known as ADDIE stands for
a. associate, develop, designate, implement, and evaluate.
b. assist, design, direct, investigate, and encourage.
c, ascertain, develop, direct, investigate, and encounter.
d. analyze, design, develop, implement, and evaluate.***
5. Which of the following topics would you include on the agenda for a workplace orientation?
a. update on September’s goals***
b. congratulations to this month’s employee of the month
c. nominations for union delegate
d. signing in to and out of work
6. A technology trainer is teaching a group of teachers how to create a class website. In order to increase teacher motivation to learn, the trainer could
a. Have the teachers create their website and provide help as needed.
b. Give the teachers worksheets with true or false questions to complete.
c. Report to the principal any teacher who seems unmotivated.
d. Only allow teachers with good websites to post to the Internet.***
7. Isidra, the manager at Wally’s Food Mart, recently hired Andre as a stock clerk. For the first month, Isidra oriented Andre to the company and his new job. This month, she is having Andre train on the cash registers as well, so he can better understand how things work and be able to cover if they are ever short-staffed at the cash registers. What kind of training method is Isidra utilizing?
a. programmed learning
b. job rotation***
c. an apprenticeship
d. job coaching
8.allows employees to work directly with a senior manager to develop newly acquired skills.
a. Coaching
b. Job rotation
c. Apprenticeship***
d. Self-paced learning
9. Which of the following reasons would a training manager most likely give for implementing programmed learning as a training method?
a. It is very inexpensive and easy to implement.
b. It helps them overcome the difficulty of finding training time.
c. It works well for learners who need direct support from a trainer.***
d. It has been proven to result in enhanced learning.
10. Lamar works at a hardware store, where, on his first day, he is told to operate a band saw. Because Lamar has not had any experience with the machine and doesn’t know how to safely operate it, he ends up injuring his hand pretty badly. To avoid this incident, the training department at the hardware store should have?
a. rotated Lamar’s skills before he started working.
b. used more interesting online training methods.
c. determined the skills needed for the job and compared them to Lamar’s skills. ***
d. forbidden the use of the band saw.

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