Developing a Pay StructureWhen creating a pay structure at an organization, there are many factors that need to be taken

Developing a Pay StructureWhen creating a pay structure at an organization, there are many factors that need to be taken into account. The structure needs to be considered in light of both external market pressures and internal concern for equity and fairness. It should also fit with the organization’s overall business strategy and take into account the various jobs and their importance in day-to-day operations. In this exercise, read the following mini-case and answer the questions that follow.Sally Conroy, HR manager at Valley Ranch Cosmetics, has recently undertaken a comprehensive review of the pay structure at her organization. She and her staff performed job evaluations on all positions, and graded each position on its compensable factors. The biggest issue that became clear during the analysis was the fact that the salespeople are currently paid twice as much as the logistics staff, despite the fact that their job evaluation point scores were roughly the same. After investigating, Sally found out that salesperson retention had been a large problem in the past and so salaries were increased. In addition, the executive team considers sales growth to be a primary objective of the organization; cost control, while important, is secondary in the minds of the executives. The choices Sally faces are to emphasize the external comparisons, in which case the structure needs little adjustment, or to emphasize the internal comparisons, which would call for an increase in logistics pay or a decrease in sales pay.What is the most likely consequence of emphasizing the internal evaluation?A. Salespeople will be paid under the market rateB. Sales will increaseC. Nothing much would happenD. Logistics employees will be paid under the market rateWhat would be a likely disadvantage of emphasizing the external evaluation?A. It will be difficult to get salespeople to rotate to logisticsB. Employees in logistics will increase their productivityC. Employees in logistics may feel they will lose their jobs to the former sales people and look for jobs elsewhereWhat is the most likely reason that people in logistics are paid less for similar work than salespeople?A. The supply of trained logistics professionals is comparatively highB. The founder of the company was biased against logisticsC. The performance of the logistics department is lowWhat would be an advantage of emphasizing the internal evaluation?A. Customer satisfaction would improveB. Logistics professionals would feel pressure to performC. Logistics professionals would probably feel that they are being treated more fairlyAll other things being equal, which of these positions should be paid more?A. Positions that are peripheral to the missionB. Positions with fewer job evaluation pointsC.Positions that are central to the organization’s goals

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