Give a suitable title on the basis of reading. Fasting is said to bring a host

Give a suitable title on the basis of reading. Fasting is said to bring a host of benefits provided if done under medical supervision. Doctors
explain how to go about it. Food is to the body what fuel is to a motor vehicle. It providesenergy, helps repair and rejuvenation and confers many other benefits. A lot of research has beendone and is being done on fasting. When one fasts, the digestive organs get rest and all bodymechanisms are cleansed. While fasting, the natural process of toxin excretion continues whileinflux of new toxins is reduced. The energy usually used for digestion is redirected to immunefunction and cell growth. Fasting helps you heal with greater speed, cleanses your liver, kidneysand colon, purifies your blood, helps you lose excess weight and water, flushes out toxins, clearsthe eyes and tongue and cleanses the breath.2. Another research says fasting, even occasionally, helps in de-toxification. Through fasting werestrict digestive activity and so energy is utilised to cleanse different systems. Fasting improvesmetabolism, sharpens the senses, calms the mind, helps lose weight, improves generalimmunity, improves concentration and mental clarity. Fasting, if understood and done undersupervision, has tremendous benefits and impacts one at various planes; mental, emotional,physical and spiritual. Specifically it serves as an aid to effective detoxification, helps in repairand rejuvenation, offers rest to the gastro-intestinal system and promotes mobilisation of excessfat.3. The crucial point to note is the difference between fasting and starvation. Research suggeststhere are major health benefits to calorie restriction. Among other things it slows down the agingprocess. According to the US National Academy of Sciences, other benefits include stressresistance, increased insulin sensitivity and increased lifespan.​

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