Me . No virus links! And marking . Question 1 : Maya is researching ant colonies for her biology class. Her

me . No virus links! And marking .
1 :
Maya is researching ant colonies for her biology class. Her research question is “What elements make up all ant colonies?”
Which of the following sources would likely contain the MOST relevant information on Maya’s topic? Why?
A. an online article about the life cycle of an ant; ant life cycles are related to what happens in colonies
B. a book chapter called “The Ant Queen in African Colonies”; a book will always publish the most accurate information
C. a magazine article titled “What Does an Ant Nest Look Like?”; what an ant nest looks like will likely relate to all ant colonies
D. a scientist’s blog post about how ants recognize one another; a scientist is a reliable and trustworthy source of information
2 :
Crystal is researching the clothing industry for her social studies class. Read the following excerpt from one of the print sources she found:
The T-shirt industry is a major part of many developing countries’ economies. The money generated by the manufacture of T-shirts is a rising tide that lifts all boats. Or is it? Who are the workers who make these T-shirts? Most often, they are women with few options. And they work in dangerous conditions for little money.
Which of the following facts would bestCrystal confirm the accuracy of this excerpt? Why?
A. The excerpt contains no errors in punctuation or spelling; this indicates someone has edited it carefully.
B. The source containing the excerpt was published in 2013; the source is therefore quite recent and trustworthy.
C. The information in the excerpt is similar to the plotline of a movie Crystal saw recently; she’s found the information accurate in two sources.
D. The excerpt contains some of the same details as other credible sources Crystal has found; finding the same facts in multiple credible sources ensures likely accuracy of the facts.
Which of the following is one reason to use multiple research sources when gathering information?
A. Comparing the facts in multiple sources allows you to confirm the accuracy of a source.
B. Comparing the facts in multiple sources is one method for assessing the relevance of a source.
C. Consulting multiple sources willyou improve the quality of your research question and come up with appropriate search terms.
D. Beginning with multiple sources allows you to narrow down your research to one perfect source while disregarding those with any irrelevant information.
4 :
Nelson is writing an informative text about the causes and outcomes of the Boer War in South Africa.
Which of the following search terms will provide the most relevant results for his topic?
A. “dates of Boer War”
B. “causes of Boer War”
C. “Boer War in South Africa”
D. “common outcomes of war”
Daniel is researching Molly Pitcher for a history project about the American Revolutionary War. He found a letter written by a soldier during the war.
What can Daniel do to confirm the letter’s credibility?
A. make sure there are no grammatical or spelling errors in the letter
B. investigate the publishers of the letter and confirm their trustworthiness
C. ensure the information in the letter answers the research question he formulated
D. find other sources written by the same author to make sure he had extensive knowledge about the war

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