MULTIPLE CHOICE. Direction: Circle the letter of the righton the

Direction: Circle the letter of the right answer on the following questions1. The main motif of Da Vanci’s Paintings, which makes them appealing aside fronbeing lifelike, is thatA. They are mysteriousC. They Convey emotionsB. They are expressiveD. They are unique2. While Da Vinci excelled in painting, Michaelangelo Bournarroti shone inA. Carving B. Architecture C. Handicrafts D. Sculpture3. Renaissance artists wanted to break the design of archaic art of the ancientEgyptians and Minoans, which were primarily founded onA. Stiff and Angular Lines B. Geometric LinesC, Curvilinear LinesD. All of the above4. Like all other Baroque artists, Rubens painted his subjects using lines.A. Swirling and diagonalC. AngularB. RectilinearD. Floral5. What is the famous portrait done by Velasquez that realistically conveyed the sterncharacter of a religious ruler?A. Pope FrancisC. Pope Julius IIB. Pope Urban IXD. Pope Innocent X​

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