Read the extract andthe following questions by choosing the

Read the extract and answer the following questions by choosing the most appropriate option. Outdoors the wild wind blows, Mistress, and dark in the night, strange voices cry in the trees, intoning strange lore, and more than cats move, lit by our eyes, green light,on silent feet where the meadow grasses hang roar-
i.Who is the speaker of this stanza? *
1 point
ii.Why does the cat want to go out? What does that reflect about cat? *
21. What did the narrator like about his walk from his home to the tramcar lines? *
22. How does the speaker in the poem ‘On a Night of Snow’ try to coax cat? *
23.Why was the narrator surprised the next morning when he saw the two boys at their game again? *
24. Why did Joe suspect Mrs Parker? *
25.You want to become a member of the National Library. Write a postcard to the librarian enquiring about the procedure to do so. *
6 points

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