SECTION – A 1. Read the passage given below andthe questions :At last

1. Read the passage given below and answer the questions :At last by starvation and famine made bold,All dripping with wet, and all trembling with cold,Away he set off to a miserly ant,To see if, to keep him alive, he would grant(5×1=5)Multiple choice questions1. The passage is taken from(a) Geography lesson (6) On the Grasshopper and Cricket(c) The Ant and the Cricket (d) The Duck and the Kangaroo2. Who was suffering from starvation and famine?(a) The Ant(b) the Cricket(c) the poet(d) a man3. Why was he “dripping with wet”?(a) It was raining hard (b) He had dived in a pond(c) He had no shelter (d) He had taken a bath4. What did he expect to get from the miserly ant?(a) Good advice(b) food(c) shelter(d) food and shelter5. What does the word “Grant’ mean?(b) generous(d) giv(a) Kind(c) take​

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