(TRUE STORY: TW: WEIRD) This story is about how I found out that my used to be favorite rapper (Tokyo’s Revenge)

This story is about how I found out that my used to be favorite rapper (Tokyo’s Revenge) was a creep. , stay safe, and be careful out there. If you don’t like disgusting stuff,leave, anddon’t report me. I’m trying to share a scary message. I’m so sorry to the girls out there who went through this. He deserves the life sentence.
It was about 5 months ago. I was on my phone, watching my favorite artists, Tokyo’s Revenge. I had the BIGGEST crush on him, and I looked up to him so much. Me and him were so much a like. We liked to scream, we liked dancing, and we both had a great sense of humor. I loved watching him, and joining his lives. I loved listening to his deep, satisfying voice. I loved hearing him sing- OH I FELL IN LOVE!
I met him late 2019, when he released his song ‘GOODMORNINGTOKYO!“ It was my favorite song, and I loved it so much. I was shocked that I could to that with my voice, just like he did. He screams so much! But I loved it. I was obsessed. I bought his merch, I followed him on everything, and I even text him sometimes, getting an answer.
But one day, this all came to an end. He was live, but I do not remember the time. I joined, and I was completely disgusted. He had a “doll”, and his “thingy” was out. I almost threw up, and I cried my self to sleep that night.
By the way, in all of his songs, he always talks about how h***y he is, and it’s freaking weird. I just never noticed because I was obsessed.
After that, I was frozen. I went on one of his fan pages, named (not sating for their privacy). I clicked it, and I saw this video of him feeling on his ”you know“ and I cried again. I really thought it was okay, because I was so clueless, and I really REALLY liked him.
But one day, he just got more weird. He was allegedly exposed for “touching kids” and I freaked out. I didn’t get mad at him, YET, because I wanted to see the whole story.
He was saying uncomfortable things, that made me tingle, IN A BAD WAY. A feeling of anger rushed over me. And I punched the wall.
I was disgusted. He really said that?! I couldn’t believe it. And ON TOP OF THAT, he pleaded innocent.
I was hurt. I couldn’t eat, I didn’t feel comfortable anymore, I didn’t like to dance anymore, and I missed him. I missed the funny, hot, goofy Tokyo, Now it’s the “I like 13 year old girls!” Tokyo.
And TBH, that song GOODMORNINGTOKYO! was weird after a while. Like I heard it too much, and apps over-used it.
I still listen to his songs, but I don’t support him. I like his song “BULLETPROOF” but I can’t even dance along to it like I used to.
So ladies, pleas be careful. If you see something, say something.

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