With this Quechua was the language of the Incas. The Incas did not have a writing system.However, they had

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Quechua was the language of the Incas. The Incas did not have a writing system.However, they had a mathematics system. Workers kept records on a(15), a group of colored strings knotted to represent different numbers. They may have used quipus to record information that writing recorded in other ancient civilizations.The Incas practiced medicine. Inca medicine was performed by(16). Before surgery, they(17) the area to be operated on. They also gave patients a drug to put them to(18) during the operation. The Incas used leaves from the coca plant as a powerful(19).The Incas expanded on(20) farming practices invented by earlier cultures. They carved out strips of land on tall hillsides. Stone walls held the land in place. The terraces kept rain from washing away the soil. They also allowed the Incas to(21) in an area where there was little flat land.The Incas were skilled(22). They worked with copper, tin, bronze, silver, and gold. They also blended metals together to form(23). An alloy is two or more metals or a metal and a nonmetal mixed together. Copper and bronze were used for everyday objects, including weapons and tools. Silver and gold were used to make statues of gods and goddesses and other decorations.The Incas were skilled(24). They built many structures with giant stone blocks that were polished and carved in order to fit together so smoothly that they did not need(25). Some of the buildings were made so well that they survived terrible earthquakes.Because the Sapa Inca owned everything in the empire, there was little demand for things to barter or sell.(26) did not play a major role in the economy. Farmers spent most of the year working on their own farms. However, they spent part of the year working land for the emperor. The work that they owed the emperor was a(27), or a type of tax, called the(28).The Mita system was one of the best inventions of the Inca government. Through the Mita system the Incas were able to create a vast system of(29) and structures. In this system all of the people in the Incan empire worked for the(30) for a certain amount of time. This labor was free to the government. Once a person turned fifteen they were obligated to participate in the Mita until they were fifty.As with the Aztec, the Inca Empire ended with the arrival of the Spanish.Francisco Pizarro traveled to Peru in 1532 to claim land and gold for Spain. Hisweapons were superior to the Incas and the Incas had been made weak bydiseases brought by Europeans.

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