Your Task Now that you have your file holding your data, you need to analyze the data in three different ways

Your Task
Now that you have your file holding your data, you need to analyze the data in three different ways that answer questions you pose. How you analyze is up to you, since what you analyze depends on what kind of data you have. As an example, with this data file, you can look for weather trends. You could find the average temperature of each decade, find the decade with the lowest average temperature, and the decade with the highest average temperature. It is a shame that the data table does not go back further. The Krakatoa volcano in Indonesia had a major eruption in 1816. It had such an epic effect on the climate that 1813 was known as the year without a summer.
You need your data file saved in the same folder as your program.
Open your data file with Notepad or Wordpad.
Open a new file in Python.
Copy and paste the contents from Notepad to the Python file.
Save the Python file with a .txt extension in the same folder where you save your program.
Analyzing Your Data
Your program will read your data file, perform the analysis, and write the results to a separate file with a .txt extension.
Write a pseudocode plan for your program. Show your plan to a partner. Ask the partner for any suggestions to improve your plan.
When done, show your results to a partner. Ask your partner what parts they found interesting.
Your Word Document Requirements
Part 1: Name: your name
Part 2: Data Source: the source of your data (do not copy and paste your data into the Word document)
Part 3: Questions tothe questions your analysis will answer
Part 4: The Plan: the pseudocode outline of your program
Part 5: Plan Feedback from Your Partner: suggestions from your partner
Part 5: Results: copy and pasted results from your data file
Part 6: Interpretation: your interpretation of the results
Part 7: Final Feedback from Your Partner: description of what your partner found interesting
You can use this rubric
to evaluate your project before you submit it.
What to Submit
You will submit each of the following.
A Word document: Organize it as shown below.
Your data file: Saved with a .txt extension
Your program: Saved with a .txt extension since you cannot upload a .py file.
Your results file: Saved with a .txt extension.

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