3 blow up ATM in open Chinese restaurant, flee without cash

Police say several men blew up an ATM in a Chinese takeout restaurant in Philadelphia while the establishment was still open but were unable to get any cash

PHILADELPHIA — Three men blew up an ATM in a Chinese takeout restaurant in Philadelphia while the establishment was still open but were unable to get any cash, police said.

The three went back into the establishment but were unable to remove the cash box that was still inside the damaged ATM, police said. The three then fled, one on a bicycle and the other two on foot. Police were searching for suspects and no arrests were immediately reported.


Minnesota congressmen flew Delta after flying with Trump

Three Minnesota congressmen are taking heat for flying on a Delta Airlines plane home from Washington, D

U.S. Reps. Pete Stauber, Tom Emmer and Jim Hagedorn all were on the same Delta Airlines flight despite the airline’s restrictions on passengers recently exposed to COVID-19. Trump announced early Friday morning he had tested positive for the virus.

Delta’s policy says customers who know they were exposed to the virus in the past 14 days cannot travel on the company’s aircraft. The airline defines exposure as face-to-face contact with someone carrying the virus, or sustained contact for more than 15 minutes less than 6 feet apart.

Ken Martin, chairman of the state Democratic party, said the three Republican congressmen put the health and safety of other passengers at serious risk.

Hagedorn pushed back in a post on his campaign Facebook page Saturday morning, saying the three men had tested negative and had not been exposed to someone carrying the virus longer than 15 minutes and closer than 6 feet. He said the men also informed the airline and the flight’s captain of their situation, and the airline “made the decision to fly based upon the facts.”

Delta spokeswoman Gina Laughlin told the Minneapolis Star Tribune that the flight was less than 40% full and that no one left the plane before it took off to protest the men’s presence. Another Delta spokesman, Anthony Black, told The Associated Press on Saturday that he did not know what other passengers on the flight were told about the situation.

Black confirmed the airplane was held for about an hour until the airline’s operations center in Atlanta cleared it to fly. He said Delta was reviewing the matter to see if proper procedures were followed.


Jamie Foxx Said MCU’s Electro Won’t Be Blue in Spider-Man 3

While we already know that Jamie Foxx’s Electro will be joining the MCU in the upcoming Spider-Man 3, Foxx has seemingly just revealed that this new version of Electro he will be playing won’t be blue this time around.As reported by ComicBook.com, a now-deleted Instagram post by Foxx detailed his excitement and teased “can’t wait for y’all to check this new one. And I won’t be blue in this one. But a thousand percent badass!!! #swipeleft.”jamie foxx instagram

Source: Jamie Foxx’s Instagram via ComicBook.com

Originally appearing in 2014’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Foxx played a blue version of Electro, who wore a green and yellow outfit in Marvel’s comics. It’s yet unclear which version Foxx will be playing in the upcoming film, or if he will even be the same version of Max Dillon that he played in The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Foxx isn’t the only non-MCU Spider-Man character confirmed to make an appearance in future Marvel films as, during the post-credits scene from Spider-Man: Far From Home, we saw the return of another one who may imply a possible multiverse between the various movies.

Ranking the Spider-Man Movies

What’s even more interesting is that with the addition of Electro, we now have five of the six members of the Sinister Six appearing in the MCU alongside Vulture, Mysterio, Scorpion, and Shocker. Could this be setting up an inevitable MCU Sinister Six movie for the future?

Spider-Man 3 is set to begin filming in Atlanta this Fall after a delay that pushed back the planned release date to December 17, 2021.

Matthew Adler is a Features, News, Previews, and Review writer for IGN. You can follow him on Twitter @MatthewAdler and watch him stream on Twitch.Source

Ex-Bridgeport officials expected to plead guilty to fraud

The former police chief of Connecticut’s largest city and another former official are expected to plead guilty Monday in their federal fraud case

BRIDGEPORT, Conn. — The former police chief of Connecticut’s largest city and another former official are expected to plead guilty Monday in their federal fraud case.

A change of plea hearing is scheduled for former Bridgeport Police Chief Armando Perez and former acting Personnel Director David Dunn.

Perez and Dunn resigned last month after being arrested on federal fraud charges. They are accused of rigging the process that led to the city hiring Perez as chief in 2018.

Email and telephone messages seeking additional information about Monday’s hearing were left Saturday for their attorneys.

According to the criminal complaint, Dunn gave answers to the oral portion of the police chief exam and other materials to Perez and tailored the scoring criteria for that exam in Perez’s favor.

Perez, investigators said, also had two police officers secretly take the written portion of the exam for him.

Both were charged with wire fraud, conspiracy to commit wire fraud and with making false statements to investigators.

The change of plea hearing will be conducted via video, according to the U.S. District Court docket.


Facebook Adds Public Group Discussions to News Feed via @MattGSouthern

Facebook is making public groups easier to join and discover by surfacing relevant discussions in users’ news feeds.

When this test begins in a few months, users will see related Facebook Group discussions in their news feed when someone posts a link or re-shares a post.

Facebook Adds Public Group Discussions to News FeedRelated group discussions in the News Feed.

The ‘Groups’ tab will be updated to surface content from public groups that are related to users’ interests.


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Also in the Groups tab, users can find and quickly join recommended groups that are relevant to them.

However, users will be able to engage with public group content without actually joining the groups themselves.

Facebook Adds Public Group Discussions to News FeedRedesigned ‘Groups’ tab.

Facebook Group admins will be able to chose whether their group should be included in this new public groups experience.


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That means groups can remain public while also not having their content surfaced to non-members.

These are just a few of several changes coming to Facebook Groups. Along with expanding the reach of groups, admins are getting new tools to work with.

More Updates to Facebook Groups

The 10-year anniversary of Facebook Groups is on the horizon, the company notes in an announcement.

Over 1.8 billion people now use Facebook Groups every month, where they engage in tens of millions of active communities.

To make it easier and more efficient to manage these communities, Facebook is rolling out new tools for admins.

“Admins are at the heart of every community, whether they are Public or Private. In fact, there are more than 70 million people involved in building and running Facebook groups active in the past month.”


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Admins are getting access to these new tools for managing groups:

  • Admin Assist: Set rules so Facebook can automatically moderate posts in your group for you. For example, you can ban posts with certain words, or prohibit posts from people who haven’t been in the group very long.
  • New Topics: Admins can organize content by topic with hashtags and pin a topic to the top of the group to highlight it for everyone.
  • Branded Content for Public Groups: Use the Brand Collabs Manager to make money from your Public groups by connecting with brands looking to promote their products and services.
  • Community Management Certification: Take an online course on how to build, grow and support your communities through a set curriculum and exam.
Facebook Adds Public Group Discussions to News FeedExample of the Admin Assist feature.
Facebook Adds Public Group Discussions to News FeedExample of the pinned hashtags feature.

Lastly, Facebook Groups are getting a number of new features to encourage more engagement between members.

These new features are on the way to help spark discussions:

  • Chats: Create and join real-time conversations within a group.
  • Prompts: Start conversations with a new type of collaborative post where you can share photos about a specific topic and swipe through everyone’s responses.
  • Q&A: Admins can host text-based question-and-answer sessions that are easy for the community to participate in.
  • Customize your profile in groups: Change the way you show up in different groups by setting a custom profile photo and sharing info that’s relevant to each community.
Facebook Adds Public Group Discussions to News FeedExample of the Q&A feature.
Facebook Adds Public Group Discussions to News FeedExample of the Prompts feature.

See a preview of these features in the launch video below:


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Source: Facebook Newsroom

Xbox Series X Hands-On

A housekeeping note up front: As part of an ongoing look at the Xbox Series X, this article (as well as the above video) will cover general impressions of the box itself and the controller, along with the performance of backwards compatible Xbox One and Xbox 360 games and the Quick Resume feature that lets you quickly jump from one active game to another. I’ll be covering new and Series X optimized games and overall impressions of the Xbox Series X in the coming few weeks.First a word on the console itself: It is hefty, but in a good way. When you hold it, it feels like a premium, $500 thing, for whatever that’s worth. When you turn it on, the box makes the same startup chime the Xbox One family of consoles do, and I’m a bit disappointed in that, honestly. I get the consistency, but I’d have liked a new sound. While I’m speaking subjectively, I think the Series X also looks very nice in its vertical orientation. It looks bold and assertive in your entertainment center, with the concave, green-tinted vent perforations on the top adding a really nice visual appeal. I can’t say the same when it’s laying on its side; it looks more like a fireplace log.

Xbox Series S and Series X Comparison Photos

More importantly, this thing is quiet. It’s almost inaudible when it’s idle, and in Red Dead Redemption 2, for instance, it’s still pretty quiet – much more so than the Xbox One X, which gets noticeably louder under full GPU load. We’ll see how its acoustics are when I’ve got new games to put all 12 teraflops to use… It also boots up from an always-on state almost instantly, and obviously faster than Xbox One X. Cold boot, too, is also a lot quicker than the One X, taking about 10-12 seconds compared to almost a minute for the One X.

The new controller, meanwhile, is a slight improvement over the stock Xbox One controller – I like the new D-pad and the grip texture on the back handles and triggers – but it still pales in comparison to the Elite version 2 controller. Which, of course, it should for how much the Elite costs. Thankfully, the Elite v2, just like every other Xbox One accessory that doesn’t have the word Kinect in it, works just fine on Series X.

Let’s talk about storage next. It’s no secret that game installation sizes are only getting larger, and monthly ISP bandwidth caps are a concern for many gamers (in fact, I blew up mine for the first time ever while downloading a ton of games to test out on the Series X), so you’ll need to use your 1 terabyte wisely. To be clear, it’s 802 gigabytes of usable space, after OS and system files. When you plug in the very pricey Seagate 1 terabyte storage expansion slot that gives you all of the benefits of the internal drive, it adds 920 gigabytes of usable capacity. A more affordable alternative is to use a cheaper USB 3.1 external hard drive to store the next-gen games you’re not playing and just shuttle them back and forth as you want them, sparing yourself the need to download them every single time. Besides, transferring between the Xbox Series X’s NVME SSD and a USB 3.1 drive is pretty quick.

Yes, you can play backwards compatible games off of an external drive, but you’re going to want to run them from the internal SSD, because the loading time advantages are significant. I ran tests with Red Dead Redemption 2, Halo 5, Control, State of Decay 2, as well as Xbox 360 games Grand Theft Auto 4 and Fallout 4. The results varied from better to a lot better. Newer, more performance intensive games like Red Dead 2 and Control saw the most benefit, but every test I ran yielded a noticeable advantage. Furthermore, I tried out Quick Resume, and Microsoft wasn’t kidding around. It works! I like that they even put a little “Quick Resume” icon in the upper right corner of the screen to let you know that you won’t have to wait for the entire game to load from scratch.

In conclusion, though I’m still waiting to play a proper next-gen game that takes full advantage of the Xbox Series X (stay tuned for coverage on that), it’s clear that your back catalog will get a boost from the new console regardless of whether or not your favorite game has received any specific Series X optimizations. In fact, the SSD spoils you pretty quickly. I already never want to see my Xbox One X ever again. Ryan McCaffrey is IGN’s Executive Editor of Previews. Follow him on Twitter at @DMC_Ryan, catch him on Unlocked, and drop-ship him Taylor Ham sandwiches from New Jersey whenever possible.Source

How to Bomb Impact Launch in Breath of the Wild

Last Edited:

Things You Need to Know Before Getting Started

Before we go through the techniques, here are some things you need to know to launch more consistently (and big thanks to Limcube and Linkus7 for pointing out some of these in their videos):

  • If you’re launching from the ground you need a definitive drop in front of you. This is because Link needs to go into bullet time when you jump off, but if you’re on, say, the slope of a hill, it may not work. Starting out, look for ledges with big drops – on top of the towers, on the wall of the Great Plateau, etc. Later on you can try launching off tree stumps and the like.
  • You should try and face one of the cardinal directions – north, south, east or west. This is because the cube bomb (which is the one that slams into Link) always drops orientated to these directions, regardless of which way Link is facing. The bomb will hit him more cleanly if its side slams into him. (You can see this in the image further down.) You can find a cardinal direction by looking at your mini-map while aiming with R. Just be sure to sheath your weapon to avoid throwing it. You may also want to change the setting so that North is always up on the mini-map.
  • If a cardinal direction is way off where you want to go, try aiming in an ordinal direction – north-east, north-west, south-east, south-west, as then one of the cube’s corners will slam into Link. The main thing is to avoid a glancing blow by facing anywhere else. It CAN still work, no matter which direction you’re facing, but will be less consistent.
  • Lag is something to be aware of – if there’s too much going on on-screen, you can get the Bomb Impact Launch right and start being shot forward, only for it to be interrupted, stopping you dead in mid-air, and resulting in you dropping to the ground. This is called a lag-stop, and some areas are much worse than others. The Korok Forest, for instance, is famously laggy. Anywhere with a lot of water, malice or trees can also be more problematic than other locations. It doesn’t mean it can’t be done, just that it will be less consistent for you. Potential lag can be minimised by looking down at the ground or up at the sky while launching, or by launching off a wall, as that already covers a lot of the screen.
  • When entering bullet time for a bomb impact launch, you should only TAP ZR. If you press it and Link fires an arrow, your launch is much less likely to work. Train yourself to only tap ZR.
  • Bear in mind that you’re not actually blowing up the cube bomb – you’re using the explosion from the spherical cube bomb to send it flying into Link. What this means is if you try and do another Bomb Impact Launch too close to the last one, you may simply detonate the old cube bomb instead of dropping a new one. You can check by switching to the cube bomb and seeing if there’s a detonate option before attempting another launch.

Technique 1: Ledge Bombing

Find a spot with a definitive drop, ideally facing an cardinal direction. Equip the spherical remote bomb selected and a bow, then save the game so you can reload from this point to practice. Get into position on the edge, hold down ZL and keep it held down – you’ll only release it once you’re in slow mo – then get the exact direction with R.

Jump forward and immediately press L to drop the spherical bomb at Link’s feet, then quickly tap ZR to draw your bow and enter slow-mo. You should then immediately press and hold up on the D-pad so you can select the cube bomb, then release up and press L to drop it, then immediately press up again, go back to the spherical bomb and detonate it straight away with L.

What I like about this technique is it’s really about the rhythm of that initial jump. If you get that jump-drop bomb-bullet time sequence right, then there’s no other timing required as you’re dropping the second bomb straight away then detonating the first straight away too.

There are other ways to time your button presses to do successful ledge bombs. For instance, you can jump forward then press L and ZR simultaneously. This sounds easier – and it is – but is ultimately less effective. It also uses up a lot more stamina. If you do it this way the bomb winds up being higher behind Link – as opposed to below his feet – and you need to wait before dropping the cube to space them out. Around a third of one ring of Link’s stamina wheel is pretty good. You then need to the bombs to line up with Link’s back, which means you may want to pan to the side to get that right. It can work just fine, and can also result in a good amount of speed, but the other method is much more cut and dry.


Technique 2: Wall Bombing

Position yourself on a wall, again with the spherical remote bomb selected and a bow equipped, then move the left stick down (as if you’re climbing down) and press jump – Link will leap out, away from the wall. As soon as you jump, press L to drop the first bomb, then immediately tap ZR to enter bullet time and hold up on the D-pad. Switch to the cube bomb and drop it immediately by releasing up and tapping L, then hold up again to switch back to the spherical bomb and immediately detonate it. If the timing works Link will look like he’s been shot out of a cannon.

This method is like the ledge launch in the sense that it’s all about the initial timing of the button presses as you jump, and if you get that right you don’t need to check the angles of the bombs or delay subsequent inputs. You’ll know you’re in a good rhythm if you’re dropping the spherical bomb so that it’s basically against the wall where Link’s feet were when you jumped off it. 

There are other ways to do this launch. If you’re more interested in shooting Link away at speed, for instance, you can try jumping away from the wall and tapping the ZR to enter bullet time first, then dropping the spherical bomb. Turn the camera to the side and wait for a second or two before dropping the cube, then wait for them to line up with Link’s back before triggering the spherical bomb.

The timing window on wall bombs can be quite generous, too. The main thing is to practice, and you’ll find a rhythm that works for you.

Technique 3: Air Bombing

Bomb Impact Launches can also be executed in the air. In fact, with enough stamina you can chain together as many as you like. We’re going to go over two methods here – one to get height and one to get forward momentum. For both it’s best for Link to be moving at his normal paragliding speed, so if you’re paragliding after a Bomb Impact Launch you need to wait until you return to regular speed, or you can reset by retracting then re-deploying your paraglider, or by aiming with your bow… which also lets you find a cardinal direction. Either way, you’re now ready to windbomb from the air.

For the first method, you’ll keep the camera behind Link. Like so many of these, it’s all about feeling out the timing, but the basic idea is you stop pushing forward on the left analogue stick, then drop the bomb a beat later as Link’s momentum drops. Watch closely and you can see how Link’s legs move forward when you let go of the analogue stick. Let go, wait half a second, then drop the spherical bomb as his legs move forward. You then want to wait a beat AGAIN before triggering bullet-time – the spherical bomb should be JUST off the bottom of the screen, but you can still see its trail. Immediately press up on the D-pad and switch to the cube bomb, release and deploy it then detonate the first. Get it right and the bombs will be steeply angled up towards Link and you should get a whole lot of height.

It takes some time to get the rhythm of this one, but like other techniques, there’s some room to move. If you enter bullet time too soon, so the spherical bomb is still on screen, you can move the camera to side-on when you drop the next bomb then line them up before the detonation. If you enter bullet time too late, on the other hand, well, you should just try again.

The second method is great when you want to cover a lot of ground. For this one I move the camera so it’s side-on. Again, you want to be going at Link’s standard paragliding speed. This time, however, you should continue holding the left analogue stick in the direction you’re traveling and drop the spherical bomb and immediately tap ZR to enter bullet-time. The sooner you enter bullet time after dropping the bomb the better, as you’re still gliding forwards, so even doing it immediately, the bomb will still be at least a couple of in-game metres behind you. As a guide, it should still be comfortably on screen but a lot closer to the edge of the screen than it is to Link.

Press up on the D-pad as soon as you enter bullet time and switch to the cube bomb and drop it. DON’T detonate it straight away. You need to watch the relative positions of the bombs. Most of the time, the spherical bomb will slowly drop as the cube appears to rise. When there’s a straight line from the sphere to the cube to the small of Link’s back, detonate the spherical bomb, and away you go.

For both of these, don’t forget to try and stick to the cardinal directions for the most reliable launches, and stock up on stamina overloading food to ensure you can stay airborne for as long as you want.


Minecraft Dungeons: Cross-Play and Howling Peaks DLC Arriving in 2020

Minecraft Dungeons will get a free update that adds cross-play in November 2020, while the Howling Peaks DLC, Season Pass, and the Apocalypse Plus difficulty will be added in December.Revealed at Minecraft Live 2020, Minecraft Dungeons will allow the Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC versions to all play together. Unfortunately, cross-save is still not supported.

The Howling Peaks DLC will feature a new boss, the Tempest Golem, who can conjure up “howling winds” to make your life just that much more difficult.

Speaking of difficulty, Apocalypse Plus will add 20 new difficulties after Apocalypse VII, and it “increases the characters’ power ceiling, and adds new enchantments and items.”

This news arrived alongside the reveal that Minecraft characters, including Steve, Alex, Zombie, and Enderman, will be added to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as fighters on October 13, 2020, and that Minecraft will get its Caves and Cliffs update in Summer 2021.

Minecraft Dungeons Howling Peaks DLC Screenshots

In our review of Minecraft Dungeons, we said it “is a beautiful and fun dungeon crawler with a simple but tried-and-true set of systems in place. It plays it extremely safe, though, without bringing anything mining or crafting spins to the genre to accompany Minecraft’s signature look and feel. Still, it’s just so damn charming, and so fun, it’s hard to fault it for going the safe route.” Have a tip for us? Want to discuss a possible story? Please send an email to newstips@ign.com.

Adam Bankhurst is a news writer for IGN. You can follow him on Twitter @AdamBankhurst and on Twitch.